Casino Crime Round Up: Illinois’ Rivers Casino Lot Site of More Armed Robberies

Two men were robbed at Rivers Casino’s parking lot in Des Plaines, Ill. on Sunday night. Suspects were arrested.

Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Ill.
Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Ill., pictured above. The casino lot saw more robberies. (Image: Crain’s Chicago Business)

The bandits pulled out a firearm and demanded money from the victims. No one was injured.

The suspects arrived at the casino in a Jeep Compass. They searched the parking lot until they parked the Jeep behind a Honda.

Two of the suspects got out of the Jeep, approached the car, and opened the car’s door.

They put handguns to the chests of the two occupants. The robbers then stole money and a cellphone before fleeing, according to Chicago TV station WFLD.

The victims were described as 67-year-old and 61-year-old men. They reside in Chicago.

The suspects also robbed someone who was in the parking lot of Mariano’s grocery store in Park Ridge, Ill., police suspect.

Soon after the robberies, Des Plaines police said they made arrests in the case with suspects in custody as of Tuesday. Charges have yet to be filed, according to the Daily Herald newspaper.

The holdups follow three March 10 robberies at the same Rivers Casino and one holdup at the identical Mariano’s. The earlier robberies led to a $5,000 reward.

Rivers Casino has stated the safety and security of guests and workers “is the top priority,” the Herald reported. The casino has employed license plate readers, enhanced lighting in lots, and surveillance cameras. They were useful in the recent incidents which led to the arrests.

Video of Trooper Taking Envelope Stuffed with Cash at Casino

A video was released this week to West Virginia TV station WSAZ which shows an off-duty state trooper allegedly taking an envelope filled with cash at a Cross Lanes, W.V. casino in May 2021.

The one-time trooper allegedly stole the envelope from a chair and has since retired. No charges were ever filed against him, and no internal investigation was launched about the incident, WSAZ reported.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice released the surveillance video on Tuesday.

Justice also told the TV station this week the incident was a theft.

“There’s no way to look at this other than just this — the trooper picked it up and took the money,” he said. “Basically, any way you cut it, that money was stolen.”

The governor appointed an interim superintendent to lead the West Virginia State Police on Monday.

Wallet Thrown in Trash at Pennsylvania Casino

A custodian at Erie, Pa.’s Presque Isle Downs and Casino allegedly tossed a wallet in a trash bin on Sunday.

The wallet had fallen out of the back pocket of casino visitor. It dropped onto a chair on which she was sitting.

The 29-year-old custodian who resides in Erie, Pa. saw the wallet and brushed it into a dustpan rather than turning it in to casino security.

He later intentionally threw it into the trash, Pennsylvania TV station WJET reported.

The unnamed custodian will be charged by Pennsylvania State Police.

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