Las Vegas Icon Celine Dion Sings Again, Backstage at Grammys in New Video

By far the best performance at this year’s Grammy Awards was kept a secret until Tuesday night.

That’s when R&B artist Sonyaé Elise posted this video to Instragram of her vamping and harmonizing on an unidentified gospel-style song with none other than Celine Dion.

In Celine Dion belts it out with Grammy -nominated singer Sonyaé Elise backstage at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. (Image: Instagram)

Dion, 55, brought down the house when she made a surprise appearance to present the award for Album of the Year.

“Thank you all, I love you right back,” the Canadian superstar told the standing and cheering crowd. “When I say I’m happy to be here, I really mean it from my heart.”

But her performance backstage was an even more emotional viewing experience for her fans.

Their Hearts Won’t Go On

Since December 2022, Celiniacs have been told that their idol was no longer well enough to sing. That’s due to the ravages of Stiff Person Syndrome, an extremely rare neurological condition that causes painful, uncontrolled muscle spasms throughout the body.

It’s why Dion was forced to delay, then cancel, her residency at Resorts World Las Vegas, which was scheduled to start in November 2021.

However, Elise’s Grammy video showed Dion in peak vocal form, belting out lyrics such as “we gonna let it ride together” and “ain’t no telling the world.”

Celine Dion hands Taylor Swift her Album of the Year award as Swift appears to ignore her. (Image: 66th Annual Grammy Awards/CBS)

Though the clip only lasted 37 seconds, it was heavily edited, meaning that the performance — which received ecstatic applause from anyone within earshot — possibly went on much longer.

Dion last performed on a concert stage on March 9, 2020, at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

Though being able to sing and stand without apparent discomfort for a night is hardly the same as being ready for a third concert residency in Las Vegas, it is an encouraging sign that many never expected to see.

Not That Swift?

Dion’s appearance at the Grammy’s was at the center of a social media maelstrom when her fans took Swift to task for snubbing the “My Heart Will Go On” singer while receiving the award she introduced.

Many commenters pointed out that Swift didn’t make eye contact, acknowledge, or even appear to recognize Dion or the adversity she overcame just to present on the show. Instead, Swift looked back at her collaborators as Dion presented her with the award.

Taylor Swift appears to know who Celine Dion is in this photo taken backstage after the awards. (Image: Getty)

“Taylor Swift completely ignoring Celine Dion like she was some trophy model presenter was #GRAMMYS was wild,” one commenter tweeted. “She’s won this three times and usually such a pro. But to ignore an icon, who is dealing with so much? Yikes.”

“Taylor Swift will never EVER live down ignoring Celine Dion at the Grammys,” another Twitter user wrote.

Swift probably just deserves slack for feeling too emotional to react appropriately. Anyway, there were no hard feelings between the singers themselves, at least according to a TikTok video that Dion later shared featuring a photo of her and Swift hugging.

If there was a mistake, it belonged to the Grammy organizers. As some fans pointed out, Dion’s appearance was significant enough to be given its own moment in the spotlight, not be entwined with Swift’s.

To the surprise of no one, Swift won her fourth album of the year award, more than any other artist in the 66-year history of the prize.

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