Luxor Hotel Alleged Teen Murderer Remains in Las Vegas Jail

A teenage girl will appear in court on Tuesday on charges she allegedly killed a California man in a room at Las Vegas’s Luxor Hotel & Casino.

Emma Kusak
Emma Kusak, pictured above. She appeared in Las Vegas court on Thursday after being arrested for allegedly murdering a man at the Luxor Hotel. (Image: KLAS)

Emma Kusak, who turned 18 on Wednesday, was booked that day at Clark County Detention Center for the June 29 fatal shooting of Charlie Satrustegui, 36, of Glendale.

Initially, she was held at a juvenile facility.

She is facing charges of open murder, robbery, and grand larceny for theft of his property and his killing.

On Thursday, she appeared in local court for adults. Judge Rebecca Saxe refused to set bail in the case.

Police revealed this week that Kusak allegedly shot Satrustegui twice in the head while the two were in a 12th floor room at the Las Vegas Strip hotel, according to Las Vegas TV station KVVU. She then fled from the room.

Shortly after the shooting, she called the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) to report the crime. She later turned herself into local police.

I didn’t mean to do it,” Kusak told officers, according to an arrest report.

Met on Dating App

The two originally met on Bumble months before the shooting. It is a dating app.

The couple sent about 30 texts to each other. Two months later, he asked her if she wanted to meet because he was visiting Las Vegas.

She said yes. He picked her up and the two went to Albertsons, a grocery store, to purchase alcohol. He then drove her to the Luxor where he was staying.

They drank about eight shots of vodka in his room.

At one point, Satrustegui showed her a handgun. He “told her he liked to hunt and go shooting,” Las Vegas TV station KLAS reported.

The two fell asleep at about 1 a.m. At approximately 3 a.m., Satrustegui told her to leave the room. He was upset over her loud coughs, she claimed.

Satrustegui then approached her, and she thought he was going to attack her. She then allegedly shot him.

Later, she changed some of her story after police questioned her version of events.

Kusak admitted the two had argued. Kusak attempted to call friends so they could give her a ride away from the hotel, according to Las Vegas TV station KTNV. But they could not come.

Soon, she grabbed his gun from a nightstand and then demanded that he give her “his s***.”

She wanted his car keys. He handed them over.

Did Not Mean to Shoot Him

She planned to rob him of his money. But then he “lunged” for the gun, and she shot him, police said. He fell to the floor.

Emma said she didn’t mean to shoot him and didn’t want to shoot him, but she had nowhere to go and didn’t want to go back to jail. Emma said she impulsively shot Charlie,” the LVMPD arrest report stated.

Kusak told officers she was broke. She did not want contact with either police officers or her parents.

Kusak allegedly stole his keys, wallet and cell phone. The wallet contained about $300.

Kusak then went to Satrustegui’s car. She drove the car for a few blocks and parked it. She left the wallet, phone and car keys in the vehicle.

Gun Tossed in Trash

She then took an Uber taxi to the Wingstop restaurant, near Rainbow and Charleston boulevards in Las Vegas.

She dropped gun in a trashcan at the location.

Kusak then phoned the police.

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