Viral Video Appears to Show Woman Urinating at Planet Hollywood Slot Machine

A disturbing new video, shot inside a casino, has achieved social-media virality. Viewed 11 million times on Twitter, it apparently shows a woman urinating while seated at a slot machine.

Though the casino is not identified in the video, astute casino carpet-ologists have identified it as Planet Hollywood.

A screen grab from a viral video that purports to show a woman who would rather soil herself than risk leaving her slot machine. (Image: Twitter)

The woman, who isn’t identified, holds a cell phone to her left ear as liquid splashes the base of her slot stool. The supposition is that she didn’t want to interrupt her play for any reason.

Please note the video contains a sexist caption used to describe the woman. (As a policy, prohibits content or user comments that include racist or sexist comments.)

The viral video in question raises as many questions as it does issues.

First of all, how did a videographer, standing more than 10 feet away, happen to capture the exact moment this woman urinated? In the video, the ambient casino noise drowns any sound from her supposed urine stream.

The upside of staging a scene for social media virality far outweighs the downside, particularly if the liquid came from an overturned water bottle, which wouldn’t be a crime.

Not That Uncommon

As disturbing as this might be, urinating on casino floors isn’t as uncommon as one might think.

In 2007, Arnie Wexler, a recovered problem gambler who operated a New Jersey-based gambling hotline and counseling service at the time, told the Louisville Courier-Journal that many heavy gamblers don adult diapers to avoid having to leave a slot machine or gaming table. If they don’t come prepared, he said, they “just pee in the seat.”

Wexler was quoted for a story about a complaint filed with the Indiana Gaming Commission by a video poker player who decided to try his luck at the machine next to his at the Caesars Southern Indiana casino. The player found his soaked shorts in much more dire need of changing than his luck.

Employing Seat Changers

For obvious reasons, casinos prefer never to acknowledge this problem. However, for the Courier-Journal article, a Caesars Southern Indiana spokesperson made the rare admission of having “a procedure to immediately remove broken and soiled chairs from the gaming floor.”

All major casinos have “seat changers,” a crew dedicated to removing soiled chairs and replacing their cushions, according to Wexler.

The Caesars spokesperson admitted that her casino “dropped the ball” in this particular case.

Gary Green, former manager of an Oklahoma casino he asked not to name, confirmed just how routine seat-peeing is.

“We had an entire storage area of pee-soaked cloth chairs from this bizarre behavior,” he said. “It was neither rare nor surprising, at least at that property.”

Hiding stains is one of the main reasons casino carpets are so busily and colorfully patterned. (Image: Twitter)

Why They Won’t Leave

“I used to work security for a casino,” claimed one of the commenters on the new Twitter video. “If they weren’t with a friend who could hold their spot or [weren’t] close to a bathroom they would do their bidness (sic) right there. I would go whole 12-hour shifts and watch people not budge an inch.”

Compulsive gamblers often believe the myth that once they start playing a machine, they must continue until they hit a jackpot, regardless of what bodily needs might present themselves.

If they should leave, their thinking goes that someone else watching their play might swoop in and enjoy “their” jackpot. If they win, players often believe they can’t leave a machine because it’s “hot.”

By the way, every possible jackpot has the same preprogrammed chance of occurring on every spin. There is absolutely no cumulative memory of previous spins.

How Illegal is This?

In Nevada, urinating on a casino floor is a misdemeanor. A convicted first-time offender can receive up to a $2,000 fine and/or 364 days in a county jail.

If the offender is a male who decides to spare his pants, he could also face an indecent exposure charge, forcing him to register as a sex offender.

In 2021, a man allegedly urinated on himself and the floor of the Presque Isle Downs & Casino sportsbook in Erie, Penn., according to the Meadville Tribune newspaper. He faced a fine of $50 plus court costs and fees of $164.25, according to the citation, which was discharged as part of a plea deal.

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